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    About Us

    We are an independent group of advisors for retail sector and rely on the experience gained since 2001 – the actual beginning of retail industry development in Poland.
    Our knowledge is a result of the development of retail chains. We have opened about 700 stores in different businesses – all profitable.
    We specialize in acquiring locations, preparing profitable analyses, creating development plans, restructuring unprofitable facilities, improving and optimizing cost policy.
    We create visual identity of brands and support marketing management of points of sales. We advise on shop concept creation and cooperate with the best architects and contractors on the market.
    We also actively cooperate with entities who manage commercial real estates and we create marketing plans for them (ATL and BTL) or advise in property rental.

    What we do

    Consulting for retail chains

    Development plans

    Selection of the best locations

    Profitability analysis of location

    Negotiation of financial and legal conditions of lease agreements

    Lease cost analysis

    Competition research

    Visual merchandising

    Creation of the opening schedule and supervision the construction of the premises

    Commercialization of commercial facilities

    Supervision of tenant renting process

    Selection of the most prosperous tenants

    Acquisition of tenants

    Creation of development plans

    Lease contract negotiations

    Technical consultancy

    Investment consultancy


    Franchise consulting and elaboration of a suitable franchise model

    Preparation of a franchise agreement and operating manual

    Implementation of a franchise in the company

    Recommendation for a franchise store location

    Recruitment of the franchisee and promotion of franchise


    We collaborated

    Contact with us

    OFFICE IN WARSAW Business Link Astoria,
    Przeskok 2, 00-032 Warsaw,

    Mail: biuro.warszawa@bestretail.pl

    Mobile: +48 669 391 939

    Chełmońskiego 102A/1, 31-340 Krakow

    Mail: biuro@bestretail.pl

    Mobile: +48 669 391 939

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